7 Creative Uses For Label Makers You'll Want To Try Now


A label maker isn't just for putting labels in your home closet or office files. This handy household gadget is so incredibly useful, it can become one of your most favorite possessions. No matter whether you like the old-school embossed appearance or have a more modern label maker, here are seven creative things you can do with it!

1. Personalized Gift Tags

If you want to create a customized gift tag, but your handwriting is terrible, use a label maker. This also comes in handy when you’re giving a gift in secret, no penmanship to spoil the surprise!

2. Binder clips

Put some labels on your binder clips, and you'll be able to know what's where and what has to be done in an instant.

3. Chargers and Cable Labels

With frequent upgrades and new technologies, the amount of charges and cables we accumulate may quickly become overwhelming. Simple labels can assist you to avoid inadvertently unplugging your internet when you intend to unplug another device. Labeling is also a good idea for keeping cables that aren't always needed and stashing them in a drawer.

4. DIY Artwork

This is such a unique concept, and it would make a fantastic present. Make a quotation using your label maker and frame it for simple, economical, but beautiful wall decor!

5. Herb Garden

Starting an herb garden in your home is a wonderful idea, especially if you’re cooking most of your meals at home! While growing your tiny seedlings, it’s hard to tell them apart, so a plant marker will really help identify which pot grows which herb!

6. Prompts for Learning a New Language

Have fun learning a new language by labeling common objects at home in the foreign language you're attempting to learn, such as a pen, a TV remote, scissors, or a notepad.

7. Passive Aggressive Reminders

This idea might be brilliant and harsh at the same time. If you have people at home who seem to be forgetful of the basic reminders or household rules, putting up a polite reminder label on strategic areas will prove to be helpful. Examples are:

  • “Keep the floor dry!” in the bathroom.
  • “Turn off the lights when not in use!” in any room.
  • “Clean as you go!” on the kitchen counter.

So there we go—definitely a lot of ways to get your money's worth if you do invest in a label maker! If you are still planning to have one, check out our Printerific Pocket Mini Label Maker .