21 Smart Ways to Organize Your Home with a Label Maker


Keeping your home organized has never been more popular. We're staying at home more, even working from our home offices. All of this time spent at home has helped us notice all of the small things around our house that we had previously overlooked. More than ever, we feel the urge to transform and declutter our homes, as well as make a space for everything that brings us joy.

But, let's be honest, it's tough to keep everything in its correct place, especially when moving stuff about. Who knows where everything goes? The use of a label maker makes the job easier. Learn how a label maker becomes an indispensable household gadget to help you keep your home clean and organized. For your home, label makers and tapes may be used for more things than you would imagine. Here are a 20+ ideas that you can start with:

Kitchen / Pantry

In your kitchen or pantry, label containers, jars, and drawers to properly identify the contents without the need of opening them. Also mark your perishable items with expiry dates to assist you regularly clear up your cabinets. Here are some examples:
  • Spice rack
  • Food expiry date
  • Date when an item was opened
  • Food zones in the fridge



In your bathroom, name containers, drawers, and shelves to distinguish contents.

  • Medicine cabinet / medicines
  • Toiletries
  • Beauty products expiry date

Kids’ Room and Play Area

Label makers are the ultimate game changers when it comes to organizing kids' rooms and play areas. This is particularly useful if your children can read (or are learning to read), since it allows them to organize their belongings and be responsible.

  • Label drawers, shelves, and cupboard with contents
  • Designate zones or containers for different kinds of toys
  • Sort and label various kinds of art and craft materials and activity books into containers
  • Keep seasonal costumes tucked away with labels to properly identify them
  • Add name labels to backpacks, lunchboxes, water bottles

Laundry Room

Make laundry days run more smoothly by organizing and maximizing your laundry room space. Follow these tips to make your weekly chore less tedious.

  • Label bins and baskets to make them look perfectly neat
  • Sort your dirt clothes at the end of each day and put them in bins labeled with delicates, colors and whites
  • If you have homemade cleaning supplies, put their ingredients on a label

Garage And Other Areas Of The House

Keeping your garage organized may be one of the most challenging parts of home organization. For some homes, everything that doesn't fit inside the house, goes in the garage. If you're using your garage as a storage area, you really need to make sure you sort everything that you need, and let go of things that you don’t.

  • Sort and label bin, shelves, drawers, and containers with their contents to easily spot which container you need
  • Label the circuit breaker box
  • Organize and label different sizes of screws, nails, pegs, etc.
  • Label crafting, gardening, and hobby materials
  • Create plant markers
  • In closets, label shoes and accessories
  • Label pet supplies
  • To keep cables tidy, label the ends
  • Label your light switches to keep track which switch to press

With the help of proper labeling, you can put things back where they belong, which minimizes clutter and prevents you from purchasing replacements for things you already possess. Once you've organized your house, you'll need to establish strong habits to maintain it clean and clutter-free in the long run.

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